Discover minis!  They are pony sized, great for small acreage, with the perfect amount of milk for a family! (about 2 gallons per day) 

Home to miniature jersey cows, mohair products, and original art by Stan Sours

Our Products:


Welcome to Ferncrest Farm!


We have been living with solar power since 1983, currently in a small straw bale home we built in 2004. Visitors assure us that this place is an absolute park with our amazing views! Our goal is to live simply on the planet, and offer you the finest quality livestock, mohair products, and unique art for the serious collector.

  • Stan Sours Sculpture & Paintings
  • Miniature Milk Cows
  • Mohair Fiber
  • Beautiful Yarns

​​My sculptures and paintings reflect the belief that the more personal my work is, the more universal it becomes. I see myself as a storyteller. It is my desire to provide the characters and allow the viewer to weave their tale into mine.

Our wonderful goats are providing some amazing fiber for handspinning, knitting, and weaving. Our yarns and rovings are always produced in small lots for unique, one-of-a-kind garments.