"Tiny Tim" is pure Mini Jersey, 1 yr. and 38" - Tim will sire Daisy's next calf. 

This little guy is our newest addition!  Teddy's Valentine is a heritage mini jersey, A2/A2 and will hopefully become a charming little herd sire next year. 

Daisy gave us Blossom last year.  She is mini Jersey, 38" tall and  4 years old.  She is as sweet as she is cute.  Everyone needs a milker like this one!  She is A2/A2. Her bull calf born in May of 2017 is also A2/A2, shown at right. "Lupine" is started on his halter training. and has Bard's sweet disposition.  He will stay small, currently 36" at 8 months.  $old

Violet is also A2/A2, out of Bard & Annabelle. She was 39" at 18 months, and has just had a ​​bull calf out of Gus. "Thorn" has just been weaned and is doing well on halter training. $old

If you would like more information, call Stan at 530-604-0799 or e-mail  stan@ferncrestfarm.com.

Glen Land Bard is sire to last years bull calves and our heifers, an A2/A2 Dexter with excellent disposition, chondro free, dwarfism negative. His dam was from a milking line.  He has passed his sunny attitude to all of his calves! (and that's a 48" gate)

Blossom is now 38"  at 27 months. Daughter of Bard (Dexter)  & Daisy (mini Jersey), and A2/A2. She has just given us her first bull calf out of Gus -" Rio" is a keeper! Blossom will be for sale at weaning - $old

Miniature Dairy Cattle ~

We have discovered the many benefits of miniature cattle! Our girls are quite manageable with great dispositions and the perfect amount of milk- Steers are mature at 2 yrs., averaging 300-400 lbs. of beef in the freezer. Our cows have had many calves in the past nine years, with no birthing problems.  Photo below is our  yearling bull, Gus.  He is A2/A2, with #1 disposition. Sire was a registered Dexter, Dam is registered Jersey. He is mid-size, at 44".  Gus has been sold, but has sired two beautiful bull calves out of Blossom and Violet.