Violet is also A2/A2, a Dexter/mini jersey cross out of Bard and Annabelle.  She is mama to Holly by Tiny Tim

We have discovered the many benefits of miniature cattle! After some experimentation we are going in the direction of building our herd of pure mini jerseys.  Our girls are quite manageable with great dispositions and the perfect amount of A2 milk for those who have problems with lactose intolerance.  Steers are mature at 2 yrs., averaging 300-400 lbs. of beef in the freezer. We currently have five girls, working on building our little jersey population with some great bulls this year.  

If you would like more information, call Stan at 530-604-0799 or e-mail

Miniature Dairy Cattle ~

This is Holly, 36" and super calm. Can't wait for her to mature and produce for us!  Another A2 girl. 

​​Jasmine is pure princess, 16 months and 38"  - Out of Daisy by Tiny Tim  A2/A2  

​We'll be breeding this girl soon! 

Stay tuned for the continuing adventure!  

Daisy is mini Jersey, 38" tall and  5 years old.  She is as sweet as she is cute.  Everyone needs a milker like this one!  She is A2/A2, registered with AMJA and MJHB.  This year's calf, Buttercup, is sired by Teddy's Valentine, also A2/A2, registration pending.  


Past Cows

I love this baby pic of my favorite boy!  Teddy's Valentine is a heritage mini jersey, A2/A2. (a big help watering)

Tiny Tim is sire to Jasmine and Holly - A nice A2/A2 bull that grew to midsize.