Our first amazing Saint, Greta, came to live with us in 2018. We found her through AKC breeder listing. All I can say is that I have never had a dog like her - smart, loyal, sweet, goofy. She makes me laugh, and is never more than 5 feet away if she has anything to say about it. 

Our Saints


My search began again and this time led to our Boris.  His parents were both health tested, hips clear, and the breeder  was hoping to find a show family so we agreed to show him.  He was 14 hours away so we met 1/2 way in Oregon, so excited about this 12 week old ball of fluff.  The breeder did not bring the paperwork - Aaauuuggggghhhhhhh!  Promised to send it next day.....

Here we are....now seven months old and still no papers. Would not trade this goof for all the gold on the planet. He is the best.  Greta loves him and...looks like we are expecting puppies in July. While we are still hoping to straighten out the paperwork, they made some family plans of their own!  Pups will NOT be registered but will be GREAT family dogs, as every Saint should be!

Watch for new pics of our growing family here!!

When her aussie buddy passed last year, she was so heartsick she quit eating and we just knew we had to find another companion for her - no doubt another Saint pup.   My search led me to breeders that would only sell to other show breeders and very few available anywhere in the country. We finally purchased a beautiful 3 year old male, registered and started showing. Unfortunately, he was not healthy. After only one month, we learned he had advanced lymphoma and had to be put down. We were all devastated.