Yarns can be wound into balls for the hand knitter on request. Average yardage is 850 yds/lb. Most yarns are 70%mohair, 30%wool.  This is a lofty, soft yarn with that great mohair halo.

Dyed yarns: $16/ 4 oz. skeins
White and natural colors: $25/ 8 oz. skeins
$13/ 4 oz. skeins

Rug Yarn

Our sturdy, lustrous rug yarn is 60% adult mohair, 40% wool, single ply. It makes excellent rugs and knits like Lopi.

$18/ 8 oz. - 20% discount on 5 lb. or more


Our wonderful goats are providing some amazing fiber for handspinning, knitting, and weaving. Our yarns and rovings are always produced in small lots for unique, one-of-a-kind garments.  Dyed yarns are all natural dyes, many from our own garden, and change with the flowers from season to season. E-mail us for availability and samples judy@ferncrestfarm.com  or give us a call at 530-604-0799

Our Products

Natural Colored Mohair Fleece Prices

                 Raw           Washed
 Kid            $20             $25
 Yearling    $16            $21
 Adult         $10            $15

Fleece prices are per pound - Fleeces are sold by total weight.  Call 530-604-0799 or email judy@ferncrestfarm.com for samples of available fleeces.


70% mohair, 30% wool blended pencil rovings for the handspinner. (Currently natural brown and silver gray) $2/ oz or $28/ lb